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s k I n

s k i n , is the name of my upcoming audio-visual record set to release later this year. And I am here, asking you to support me to create and fund this wonderful project. 

These are the songs of my personal journey. This record represents the power of self-love, acceptance and surrender. With s k i n, I speak about the atrocities that we impose on the female body and the body of the earth. I speak about coming home to ourselves and to the mother, to the soil, slowing down and loving with our hearts open. I speak about standing up for the planet and making forests. 

I am inviting you to be part of this journey with me, of self exploration, discovery and love. All the offerings below will go towards the creation and release of s k i n. And, I hope also support you on your journey to self-discovery.


I am grateful for your support. 

 - Ditty 


Open donations are welcome. 

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